Create your Sacred Space @ hOMe

I created this guide for making your very own zen den at home for the RESTORE+RESET restorative yoga immersion last November, and I thought it might be a nice reminder today. Even though we are getting outside more with Spring here and Summer around the corner, this virtual fitness + yoga space is here to stay. Despite the Zoom fatigue and the *need* for human connection in public class spaces, it truly is an important part of your personal practice and a GIFT to have a home practice.

You are worth EVERY single moment and dollar and effort that you invest in yourself. Even just a few minutes a day spent in your Sacred Space will have immediate and lasting effects on your overall wellbeing.

If you need inspriation or new items to support your yoga practice please check out my Bodynova store here Bodynova Shop or use code ALY108 for 10% off the entire site.

I recently added a few more plants and colorful lights into my own space. How are you creating yours?


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