Holiday Season 2020

Does this sound like you?

If you are a busy human feeling stressed and anxious by the upcoming and unique holiday season, you are not alone. The holidays are a demanding time of year, shopping, cooking, entertaining etc. On top of regular life, we have the additional stress and anxiety of worrying about our loved ones' health. And possibly having the kiddos home for remote learning! Most likely your holidays plans will look different this year.

You already know how important self-care is, but maybe you aren't sure how you'll fit everything into your schedule. You would love to carve out time in your week for yourself but you have a tendency to put others first. 

Commitment to you!

Schedule yourself in

Making your self-care practices a priority not only boosts your confidence and elevates your emotional, mental and physical health, it also fills your cup so you can show up for others as your best self!

Scheduling time each week (in pen) will help you to stay consistent and committed to your self-supporting habits. Are you willing to set aside 75 minutes per week to devote to managing stress, manifesting peace and abundance, setting yourself up for success through the holiday season and into 2021?

What is Restorative Yoga?

Deeply relax your body & mind

Restorative yoga is a super relaxing class using props like blankets and pillows in long-held poses to supporting the body completely so mind can rest as well. This gentle practice balances and calms the nervous system to soften the edges and tap into our own sense of peace when off the mat as we move through our day to day lives. Resotrative yoga also helps us to access connection of the body and mind with clarity, knowing that the act of doing nothing and allowing ourselves to be supported is powerful, healing and well deserved.



7:15 - 8:30pm

November 17th - December 22nd

RESTORE + RESET is a 6 week restorative yoga immersion. We'll meet once per week for a 75 minute themed class to balance our busy minds and stay grounded through the bustling season. You will cultivate a sense of calm, peace, and gratitude through commitment to yourself and the process. This practice will carry you through your day to day life and into 2021.

Some of the things we'll do each week:

  • Breath practice          

  • Light movement

  • Restorative poses with props

  • Self-massage

  • Mediation

Benefits of this program

Deeply relax your body & mind

What you'll get:

  • 6 75-min classes to practice with me live and you'll have the recordings to enjoy for lifetime

  • Free gift with commitment - a luxurious sandbag yoga prop to aid in energy grounding 

  • How to create your Sacred Space pdf

  • 2 passes to my regularly scheduled classes (for you or a friend)

  • Weekly journal prompts and newsletter 

  • Breath practices that you can do on your own whenever you need them

  • Special pricing on yoga props 

Ready to commit?

What's the investment?

If you are thinking YES YES YES and you are ready and willing to make this commitment and investment for yourself, I am so happy for you! I am beyond excited to share this program and help support your self-care practices! 

Please click the link below to book the immersion. There is a one-time investment of $97.

*Please please PLEASE reach out if you want/need this program but need cost-related support.*

Yoga Equipment

book + Connect

Please reach with any questions or concerns that you may have! 

Email me amandaleeyoga108@gmail.com